Top 20 Best Sourcing Companies and Agents in China

You have tried importing products from China. How was the experience? It’s overwhelming, right? Don’t worry! This is where the best China sourcing company can come into play.

Perhaps, you have tried searching China sourcing agents. There are many options, isn’t it? Maybe, you experience a hard time making decisions with confidence. What are you going to do next?

Well, you came to the right place! In this article, you will know how to find a reputable and trusted China sourcing agent. Now, fasten your seat belts, we are about to take off!

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Best Chinese Sourcing Company to Consider this 2022

1.Quik Sourcing

Have you been searching for a one-stop China sourcing company for months now? The long wait is finally over with Quik Sourcing. Established with the client’s convenience and satisfaction in mind, Quik Sourcing will help you find reliable factories at a low cost, enabling you to save some cash in the long run.

What makes Quik Sourcing different from others is that they tailor their services according to your unique needs and expectations. They believe every client is different. That’s why individualized and customized services are available in the comfort of your home.

Similar to other sourcing companies in China, Quik Sourcing is backed by world-class, talented, and highly capable professionals. More than the experience, the commitment of every staff is on a different level. They are approachable, friendly, and accommodating.

Who says sourcing products from China can cause a dent in your savings account? At Quik Sourcing company, they negotiate on your behalf with a goal to beat prices. This means you can enjoy high quality products while saving some cash over time.

Once the project begins, the company’s sourcing agent will search as many suppliers in China. From affordability to quality, you can be sure your first sourcing experience will be a big success.


Product sourcing, consulting, and manufacturing

Product sample customization

Import and export, compliance consulting company

Price negotiation with potential and trusted suppliers in China

Why Choose Quik Sourcing

They are not only a china sourcing company. They can be your sourcing partner.

The services are catered to the client’s needs and requirements.

Seamless procedure. They search for suppliers in China, assess the cost for production, understand shipping, provide product samples/consulting services, and verify supplier.

The company customer support is fantastic. Customer representatives are professional and knowledgeable.

Lowest and most competitive prices. Sourcing products in the country come at a low cost.

Looking for a China sourcing company? Quik Sourcing should be on top of your list. Contact them for more information! Which sourcing company that best suits your objectives and requirements? Quik Sourcing has been established to turn your goals into a reality.

Visit Quik Sourcing

2. Meeno Group

Located in Yiwu, China, Meeno Group is another sought-after sourcing company tailored for both domestic and international clients.

Serving the sourcing industry for years now, Meeno Group is reputed for experienced and talented professionals in China. Max, the founder, has propelled the company to attain high levels of professionalism, great work ethics, integrity, and excellence.

Despite the demand from the Chinese market, Meeno Group has a smooth and efficient procedure, enabling them to meet the changing demands of their valued clients across the globe.


Thorough and convenient sourcing solutions in China, exceeding the market’s requirements and objectives.

High quality inspecting company

Product search

Sourcing goods

Recognizing trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers

Depot storage


Custom clearances

Shipping administration

Manufacturing solutions

Why Choose Meeno Group?

Perfect for a small importer or company that’s looking for a reliable agent in China.

Sourcing products from Chinese companies will save time and avoid unnecessary costs.

They never take shortcuts. They consider every aspect of sourcing.

The team is superb and professional.

3. Imex Sourcing Services

Another Chinese sourcing company to take advantage of is Imex Sourcing Services. Similar to other Chinese sourcing agents in China, Imex Sourcing Services provides a wide range of sourcing facilities.

IMEX Liaisons, its parent company, is situated in Guangzhou, China.

What sets it apart from the competition is that they give clients full access to customized online portals. For this reason, it makes it easier for businesses to track or even manage the process of sourcing orders.

Since day one, China Imex Sourcing Services is committed to providing competitive prices and incredible customer support. Whether you’re no longer happy or satisfied with your existing sourcing agent, Imex Sourcing Services has been established for you.


Detailed and careful sourcing company

Vendor background attestation

A quality inspection that meets the industry’s highest standards

Factory audits with a high level of accuracy

Quality maintenance

Agreement negotiating

Risk mitigation service


Product evolution shipping

Why Choose Imex Sourcing Services?

It is perfect for e-commerce of any size. From small, medium-sized to large businesses, Imex Sourcing Services will be your best bet.

Suitable for popular platforms, including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and other trusted platforms.

4. Sourcing Bro

As the center of trade service around the world, Sourcing Bro is another company you cannot afford to miss. From a number of products to a team of experienced professionals, this sourcing company has them all.

Sourcing Bro is located in Shenzhen, China.


Product sourcing. Quality and low cost products will be accessible and available.

Quality inspection and control. The team inspects products at its best, taking quality control to another level.

Warehousing. You can be sure the warehousing services are professional and developed according to existing rules and regulations.

Why Choose Sourcing Bro

An excellent alternative for small, medium-sized, and large product creation enterprises.

Deliver parcels with a higher level of safety and peace of mind.

Quick response time. In fact, the company is just a call away.

The staff is friendly and professional. They can accommodate all your needs and concerns right away.

Quick services. There’s no delay.

5. Dragon Sourcing

Your friends have probably been recommending Dragon Sourcing company for months now. What makes it stand out from the rest? Well, the services are as incredible as you might imagine. Plus, the sourcing solution is available at a low cost that won’t break your bank.

As one of the biggest sourcing enterprises in China and around the world, Dragon Sourcing has offices in the United States, Kenya, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Brazil, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Also, Dragon Sourcing has offices in Shanghai, China, and Hong Kong. For this reason, the company provides better alternatives for many. Plus, they have access to a wide range of sought-after manufacturers.


Supplier verification

Shipping and logistics

Product source

Quality and individualized checks

Procurement source

Order administration, negotiating, and manufacturing

Samples development

Why Choose Dragon Sourcing

Who doesn’t want to acquire offers to export to wider markets? We think everyone loves that. The right sourcing services and Chinese suppliers can make a big difference.

Every member of the team is competent and capable.

6. Guided Imports

Some Amazon sellers are afraid of sourcing products from China due to delayed project completion.

But don’t feel that way. Guided Imports was established to streamline the process without delays and inconvenience.

Aside from the quick importing of products from e-commerce, sourcing procedures are affordable and not complicated.

When running a business, you have a lot of things to deal with. So, you may not have enough time to shop for quality products. This is where Guided Imports can play a critical role.

While Guided Imports handles sourcing products from China, you can focus on other important business aspects.


Product development

FBA bundling and preparing

Chinese sourcing agents

Product validation

Supplier factory

Delivery forwarder

Purchasing agent

Quality management specialist

Custom broker

International banking facilities

Why Choose Guided Imports?

It is a one-stop company for businesses.

From product sourcing, product development to product inspection, Guided Imports gives complete packages to expect.

7. Supplyia

Businesses deserve a trustworthy and reliable Chinese sourcing company. If you have been working with an inexperienced sourcing agent for months now, Supplyia is an excellent alternative.

Whether you run a small business or encounter some trouble finding Chinese suppliers, Supplyia has you covered. Product sourcing will be as seamless and avoiding unnecessary risks. The costs are reasonable and budget-friendly too.

Let’s admit it! Sourcing products can be tricky and risky. This is especially true for beginners and even seasoned companies. At Supplyia, they reduce any safety concerns from start to finish.


Custom and sturdy packaging


Complete Amazon prep services

Products niche

Deep products sourcing

China labor hiring

Why Choose Supplyia?

The company tailors its services to eliminate the inconvenience of handling inventories.

Businesses of any size can focus on growing. From a high ROI to client conversion, you can open as many opportunities as possible.

Supplyia is a deep network of more than 200 trusted manufacturers.

8. Linc Sourcing

Established in 1995 in Sweden, Link Sourcing is dedicated to providing European enterprises access to manufacturers from Hong Kong, China, and other countries across Asia.

Over the decades of quality services, Link Sourcing has been the go-to option for businesses of any type and niche.

Currently, the China sourcing company already has a network of more than 100 standardized manufacturers from different industries.

Whether you’re searching for an experienced or committed sourcing agent, you came to the right place! Linc Sourcing will never disappoint.


Product sourcing

Friendly and professional negotiations

Quality and accurate checks

Risk-free logistics

Safe and convenient shipping

Why Choose Linc Sourcing

A provider of quality and on-demand standard checks to different customers.

The sourcing team is responsive, quick, and passionate. Every staff is professional and accommodating.

Well-reputed sourcing agents for small, medium, and large businesses in Europe and other countries around the world

Product inspection with reliability and precision

9. Easy Imex

Another global sourcing agent for both medium-sized and large enterprises is Easy Imex. Just like other sourcing agents in this list, the company was established to help enterprises from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, source for quality and low cost products from China.

Before, Easy Imex was a small sourcing company with a goal to make businesses turn their goals into a reality. Now, it has become a single desk import facilitator that offers a wide range of sourcing services to people from across the globe.


Taxes duty

Product sourcing

Buying and negotiating

Factory audits done by experts

Customs clearance

Logistics and shipping

Quality and reliable checks

Why Choose Easy Imex?

This sourcing company gives customers access to online portals, enabling them to track processes in real-time. Therefore, they can be sure when their parcels will be delivered right to their doorstep.

Target markets are within the United Kingdom, Australia, North America, and Europe.

10. Ec4u Limited

Ec4u Limited has been a go-to company that assists businesses to source and produce non-food consumption items in China, Hong Kong, Europe, and other corners of the world.

It’s disappointing to work with sourcing agents that don’t get their job done according to the industry’s existing rules and standards.

Worry no more! Ec4u Limited is available at your most convenient time. They complete product development and quality inspection as effectively as possible.

Ec4u Limited does not offer universal sourcing services. Before anything else, they consider the client’s requirements to ensure satisfaction and happiness.


Wide expertise in product sourcing

Unmatched experience in quality and accuracy checking

A careful and thorough selection of suppliers

Why Choose Ec4u Limited

They get the job done with a higher level of commitment, innovation, and excellence.

A sought-after expert for wholesalers, brand owners, and other businesses

This sourcing company never takes shortcuts when conducting quality control

11. Keen Sourcing

Have you ever tried Ec4u Limited but unsatisfied with their services? If yes, Keen Sourcing is good to go. They are experienced and won’t leave you behind at the most needed time.

More than the expertise, Keen Sourcing has the unparalleled dedication for assisting overseas shoppers and businesses to source products from China.

That’s not all! Keen sourcing strives to level up quality control. They also exert effort to stay compliant with existing laws in the country. The cost of product sourcing is cost-effective as well.


Product sourcing that maximizes good and quick results

Friendly and professional negotiations

Logistical support that saves you some cash over time

Manufacturer selection

Thorough and quality inspection

Factory audits performed by specialists

Product monitoring and controlling that exceeds client’s expectations

Why Choose Keen Sourcing?

Expect thorough services that are available at a fair and low cost.

Whether you are an Amazon seller or are running a small enterprise, you came to a trusted sourcing specialist in China.

12. FBA Sourcing China

Before, it was hard to find a sourcing company with a specialization in Amazon FBA. Things have changed today. Thanks to FBA Sourcing China.

With years of experience in the industry, FBA Sourcing China has been a part of millions of Amazon sellers in Hong Kong, Asia, and Europe.

FBA Sourcing China promises to deliver superb services to its valued clients, aside from enterprise prices.

When you want to work with the best sourcing partner, the company is a worthwhile and meaningful investment.

FBA Sourcing China specializes in electronics, including related accessories for both health and fitness industries.


Product development

Quality inspection of products

Product labeling

High quality checks

Sample consolidation

Supplier searching

High-end and modern printing technology

Poly bagging

Product bundling


Storage warehousing

Why Choose FBA Sourcing China?

Offers Comprehensive services that every Amazon seller deserves.

FBA sourcing agent that undergoes enough training and seminars.

Printing technology is state-of-the-art and can avoid hassles throughout the process.

13. Maple Sourcing

It’s frustrating when your ordered product is not delivered according to your schedule. This costs you hundreds of dollars over time. Sometimes, the risk of losing a potential client to competitors is higher than expected.

At Maple Sourcing, you can say bye to delayed shipping. As a China sourcing agency, they value your time. Whatever the nature of your project, Maple Sourcing is ready to assist you in finding Chinese suppliers.

As one of the best sourcing specialists in China, they have quality control inspectors who make sure clients receive their product safely and properly.


Sourcing products from China

Chinese suppliers validation

Enough consolidation

Sample development

High quality manufacturing control

Scheduled follow-up

Why Choose Maple Sourcing

They never charge clients with supplier’s fee. Plus, all of their operations are transparent. They only have upfront costs.

They have partnered with manufacturing professionals since inception.

They make sure every customer receives a 100% standard quality of service.

14. China2West

Do you need a single entry point when sourcing products from China? Are you searching for an expert that deals with concept and marketing? Whatever your case might be, China 2 West got your back.

They offer services such as: certifying, layout, product development, producing, tooling, prototyping, high quality control, and logistics.

After exerting efforts to achieve excellence, China 2 West has received a great database since 2005. This database contains information that allows the company to develop its services to make their target market happy.


Private keys production

Logistics network management

Model construction and tooling

Development and design

Factory administration and project management

Intensive lab testing

Thorough and careful checks

Factory audit

Prototype services

Sought-after logistics preparation

Why Choose China 2 West?

Located in China, the company offers standard and competing production facilities. Aside from highly capable staff, China 2 West has cutting-edge technology for everyone.

They establish a long-term relationship with new and repeat clients.

15. China Purchasing Agent

Looking for a capable, certified, and licensed sourcing agent? Say bye to the hassles of selection with China Purchasing Agent.

As a go-to sourcing agent, the company never stops surprising its clients. From unmatched commitment to wide expertise, China Purchasing Agent is ready to serve you.

Whether you run a business in Europe or America, it is difficult to source products from China. This is especially true when you are a beginner.

Worry no more! The experts at China Purchasing Agent are just a call away! They will never leave you behind until you find verified Chinese suppliers.


Custom clearance

Standard inspection

Logistics services

Amazon FBA facilities

Storage warehousing

Why Choose China Purchasing Agent?

Sourcing agents from the company assist Amazon sellers throughout the process.

An excellent alternative for both small and medium-sized enterprises.

A provider of wide range services, making it a one-stop-shop for many.

Real-time product delivery.

The purchasing process is more comfortable than you have ever imagined.

Quality control.

16. Import Dojo

Another famous sourcing company in China is Import Dojo. Founded and established by Manuel Becvar, this sourcing company is the result of Becvar’s experience and expertise.

A native of Austria, Becvar dreamed of running a business. Finally, he started his own sourcing company in China.

Located in Kwai Chung, Import Dojo has been reaching a wide market, from Hong Kong, China, to other European countries.

Through the years, the China sourcing agent has served a great number of retailers, including Sears, OBI, Home Depot, Amazon, Metro, Walmart, and more.

As the sourcing agent in China, Import Dojo’s pursuit to excellence and innovation increases the company’s popularity over the decades.


Effective product development

Professional and approachable negotiations

Products modification

Why Choose Import Dojo

Dedicated employees. This China-based sourcing agent has diverse, creative, and highly passionate people for businesses out there.

Ideal for new Amazon sellers who source products from China.

It guides customers throughout the supply chain. So, there’s nothing to worry about!

17. 80/20 Sourcing

Probably, you have encountered 80/20 Sourcing when you began searching for a sourcing agent in China.

Since you don’t know much information about 80/20 Sourcing, the company is founded and established by Gary Huang from Shanghai, China. Since 2008, he works and sources products for well-known and big retailers in North America and Europe, too.

Over the past years, this sourcing agent in China has partnered with multiple manufacturers in his supply chain in different industries. That’s not all! Gary has experience in product sourcing from China in both eBay and Amazon businesses.


Identify potential suppliers

Negotiate the best price possible

Consolidate samples that will help clients make business decisions with confidence

Inspect products to make sure customer’s objectives and expectations are met.

Handle both freight forwarding and shipping

Mitigate risks

Resolve other issues throughout the supply chain.

Why Choose 80/20 Sourcing

80/20 Sourcing Agent is popular for quality control, top-notch guidance, efficient courses, and modern facilities.

The sourcing company also mentors customers to establish a long-term relationship.

18. Baysource Global

Compared to most Chinese enterprises, Baysource Global is located in the US. In fact, its headquarters is in Florida.

Similar to other Chinese companies, Baysource Global Sourcing offers one of the finest and highest qualities of facilities to customers in the United States.

They specialize in production and sourcing facilities that can make your first project successful.

As a sourcing agent in China, the company proposes a set of innovative facilities. This ranges from identifying products, researching suppliers, development of the product to delivery.


Product sourcing and production

Supply chain



Why Choose Baysource Global Sourcing?

What makes them popular in China, Hong Kong, and other parts of the globe is their expertise in assembling outsourcing services.

Whether you run a small business or an engineering enterprise, Baysource Global Sourcing is one of the right choices you can take advantage of today.

Backed by a decade of work experience in China, this sourcing agent now has more than 35 employees and counting.

19. Jing Sourcing

Jing Sourcing is another name in the industry. Built to assist small enterprises, this China sourcing agent specializes in importing goods in the country at the highest quality and the best rates.

More than a decade of providing the best services throughout the world, Jing Sourcing faces 1000 manufacturers in popular platforms like Alibaba.

Aside from a talented founder, Jing Sourcing is surrounded by a minimum of 40 native Chinese workers. So, you can be sure of working with a sourcing agent in China that knows the ins and outs of the industry.


Product rebranding for sellers of eBay, Shopify, and Amazon

They provide personalized and innovative graphic designs for businesses of any niche and type.

A good negotiator. They speak with manufacturing companies as effectively as possible.

They fix standard issues before shipping the products.

Why Choose Jing Sourcing?

An excellent solution for e-commerce sellers and medium enterprises

20. Foshan Sourcing

Who doesn’t want to work with one of the best sourcing companies? Everyone dreams of product sourcing with the help of a reputable sourcing agent.

Located in Foshan, China, this sourcing company has been in the field for more than ten years already.

Throughout the decade of being a sourcing agent in China, their reputation is on a different level.

Apart from the skills to source products from China, Foshan Sourcing also specializes in building ceramics and other materials.

The team at Foshan Sourcing also consists of distinct cities for a variety of business clusters. Chenghai, for example, is exclusive for toys. Chaozhou for sanitary wear. Chaoyang for underwear. Foshan for tiles, pieces of furniture, doors, and windows.


Product development

Product sourcing

Quality control

After-sales facilities

Shipping forwards

Storage warehousing

Why Choose Foshan Sourcing?

The response time is quick. As a matter of fact, the team of sourcing agents responds to the client’s queries and other concerns as quickly as possible.

An excellent sourcing agent for bulk buying

A one-stop option for startups and medium businesses

The Pros of Working with the Best China Sourcing Expert

While it is tempting to handle product sourcing in China on your own, it would be best to let sourcing agents or companies get the job done themselves.

Although the services require additional costs, the convenience and peace of mind make it worth-it and meaningful.

Aside from a DIY product sourcing in China, it is also enticing to work with the cheapest specialist. Don’t feel that way. It would be a perfect decision to hire a sourcing company that offers quality services at a reasonable and competitive rate.

Other perks of working with the best China sourcing agent are highlighted below:

Access to a Variety of Suppliers

You run a business in Europe. Now, you’re planning to source products in China. Of course, you want the best sourcing agent to make your goals happen.

Apart from a competent sourcing agent, you’re also finding ways to save some cash. How are you going to do that? Well, it will be hard, especially as a beginner.

Don’t worry! Experienced sourcing companies in China got you covered.

Working with the best sourcing agent ensures they have access to a range of suppliers. So, the selection process will be stress-free and convenient.

In-Depth Market Knowledge

What’s the process of product sourcing in China? Are there rules to follow for international clients? How much does the product sourcing or shipping cost? The best China sourcing agent is ready to help.

With the right China sourcing agent, you can be sure the company has in-depth knowledge of product development, product sourcing, and other aspects.

They Understand Working Practices and Local Customs

One of the main concerns of businesses during product sourcing is a complicated working practice or local custom.

If you experience the same thing, you are not alone. There are other international clients who encounter similar troubles.

Who says you need to thoroughly understand the local custom or working practices in China? Well, it is not necessary, and a simple background check  is more than enough.

Plus, there is a Chinese sourcing agent you can count on. From quality products to manufacturing suppliers, the best expert will never give you a headache.

They Can Communicate with Suppliers Well

Another problem businesses face when finding Chinese manufacturing suppliers is the language barrier.

Studies show that only a few Chinese speak English. So, it would be a nightmare to talk to manufacturing enterprises in the country.

Do you need to learn Mandarin as early as now? It’s not necessary. The trick here is to work with sourcing companies for your convenience.

Whether you’re planning to choose Quik Sourcing or Foshan Sourcing, you are assured their team consists of native Chinese speakers.

Access to Additional Services

Apart from product sourcing, agents and companies have full access to other useful services for Chinese and international customers.

From quality control, supply chain, negotiations to dropshipping, it’s a smart idea to hire China sourcing companies.

Some of the Drawbacks

Letting sourcing companies handle all your needs also has a few drawbacks. Some of them are highlighted below:

Agents favor specific suppliers. Sometimes, this can also be an advantage on your part because sourcing companies won’t recommend manufacturing specialists without a trusted reputation.

They may source products from a specific region. As a result, businesses might not get the most competitive rate. It’s all right! There are other sourcing companies that specialize in finding products from different corners of China.

Suppliers’ information is treated confidentially. It’s normal, so don’t feel frustrated. Chinese sourcing companies try to protect their manufacturing suppliers and stay compliant.

Factors To Consider When Searching for Competent and Capable Sourcing Companies in China

Have you tried searching for a Chinese sourcing agent? How’s the process? It’s complicated, isn’t it?

But it will be easier when you know what to do. Here are a few selection pointers you can weigh in mind.

Established and Growing Client Base

Which is better between a sourcing company with a few customers and experts with an established client base?

The latter should be on top of your priority. Sourcing companies with a great number of clients means they are a trusted expert you shouldn’t miss.

Good Reputation

A well-reputed sourcing agent is a key in having a successful product sourcing in China. From excellent customer support, capable team, competitive rate to a quick response time, they have them all.

Manufacturing Partnerships

Once you make a list of sourcing companies, it’s time to find out whether each of the agent’s partners are manufacturing experts in China.

Don’t make business decisions because of affordability. It’s smart to choose the one that provides individualized services to avoid safety concerns in the long run.

Final Verdict

As you have seen, Sourcing companies are an advantage for anyone or any business desiring to have access to goods locally and internationally.This companies help in reducing struggles and risks that may occur as a result of proximity from the desired goods.

We hope this list has assisted you in making the right and sound decision in choosing the Best Sourcing Company to handle your goods and products from China and even from the rest of the world.


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