The Complete China Sourcing Agents List


The sourcing agent in China performs many roles to offer the best sourcing service.

Buyers often have specific product requirements. So, the first thing that the sourcing agent does is understand these requirements.

After that, the China sourcing agent support market research to finds qualified suppliers for the product. Moreover, they take care of the communication happening between you and the supplier.

Sourcing companies can also offer many other services. It includes price negotiation, monitoring the production process, and quality inspection.

Some of them also provide services such as shipping and logistics.

China Sourcing Agent 1.0

As the name suggests, it is an old version of the sourcing agent in China. The sourcing agent works almost like the new version but lacks the latest technology.

China sourcing agent 1.0 only provides some simple procurement and communication services, which are not diversified and customized.

Moreover, you will be dealing with a sourcing company as a whole. That means you may not get a dedicated sourcing specialist to solve your concerns.

China Sourcing Agent 2.0


It is the latest version of the China sourcing agent. You get a full-time, dedicated sourcing specialist to attend to your needs.

Your account manager will be well-versed in the Chinese market.

Besides regular sourcing services, you will also get some additional services. It includes customization, labeling, packaging, OED, ODM, etc.

China sourcing agent 2.0 is suitable for small and medium ecommerce business owners.


If you are a Shopify, eBay, or Amazon FBA seller, go for China sourcing agent 2.0.A professional China sourcing agent 2.0 can offer the following services.

  • Finding the right suppliers for products
  • Carrying factory audits to ensure a stable manufacturing process
  • On-time quality inspection
  • Complete logistics and shipping support
  • Negotiate the price and plan contracts with the right suppliers
  • Reduce the risks involved in product sourcing
  • Extra customization services

1. China Purchasing Agent

If you want the first reversion and hassle-free sourcing agent, China Purchasing Agent is your go-to agent. This company is verified and based in Shenzhen.

They are committed to offering product sourcing services to help customers discover authentic suppliers from China.

China Purchasing Agent provide an assortment of services to ensure the well-timed delivery of the products.In order to make the purchasing process of the customers a lot more comfortable.

China import agent gives 2 trial orders for free, after that, all other orders are priced a 3% service fee. This is a wonderful deal for the buyers.

Above all, their negotiation skills are extremely powerful that they go beyond the expectations of the customers.

Their strategy is to allow various suppliers to bid for the customer’s orders.Then they select the reliable supplier in accordance with the specifications and budget of the customer’s orders.


Services overview

  • Quality and standard inspection
  • Storage warehousing
  • Amazon FBA facilities
  • Logistics
  • Custom clearance

Recommended reason

China Purchasing Agent assists Amazon sellers along with small and medium-sized businesses.


2. Meeno Group    

2. Meeno Group    

Meeno Group is also an expert sourcing agent that is situated in Yiwu, a city in China. The founder of the Meeno Group is Max, who is highly professional and runs the company’s processes smoothly and efficiently.

Service overview

Meeno Group offers a complete sourcing service in China.

In addition, their services are quality inspecting, product search, sourcing goods in China, recognizing trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers, depot storages, custom clearances, repackaging, and shipping administration.

Recommended reason

If you are a small importer looking for a trusted agent in order to save your time along with cost, contact Meeno Group now.

3. Imex Sourcing Services   

Imex sourcing agent provides a wide assortment of sourcing facilities. The headquarters of its parent company that is IMEX Liaisons is located in Guangzhou, China.

The company gives access to customized online portals to the client.

This makes easier for the client to track and manage the process of sourcing orders.

Imex promises to provide better pricing with a committed group of employees. They even allow accessibility to a huge network of floor-level factories.


Service overview

  • Detailed sourcing
  • Vendor background attestation
  • Inspect quality
  • Factory audits
  • Quality maintenance
  • Risk mitigation service
  • Agreement negotiating
  • Samples consolidation
  • Logistics
  • Product evolution shipping

Recommended reason

Medium or large enterprises, engineering businesses. E-Commerce websites like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.

4. Sourcing Bro    

Sourcing bro is an agent situated in Shenzhen, China. This sourcing agent is the center of attraction of the worldwide trade service.

For the reason that it provides a large number of products to customers throughout the world. The founder of Sourcing Bro, Jack contains an immense experience in Shenzhen markets.


Service overview

  • Product source
  • Quality inspection and control
  • Warehousing

The services they provide are professional.

Since Sourcing Bro assist during all shipping processes to make sure the customer receives their parcels safely.

Recommended reason

The best alternative for every large, small, or product creation enterprises, who value a productive supply chain management.

5. Dragon Sourcing

Dragon Sourcing is a global sourcing and acquirement, service agent.

This is one of the biggest sourcing enterprises since it has offices worldwide, such as in the United States, Turkey, Austria, South Africa, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, and Kenya.

Dragon sourcing have their offices in Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China as well.

With their international footmarks, Dragon sourcing offer better alternatives for economical countries with the help of its expanded range of manufacturers.

Dragon sourcing was established in 2004; however, within 10 years, it expanded its reach throughout Asia. Therefore, it is a respectable and esteemed sourcing agency with positive feedback from its online customers.

Dragon Sourcing

Service overview

  • Supplier verification
  • Product source
  • Procurement source
  • Samples development
  • Negotiating and order administration
  • Quality checks
  • Logistics and shipping

Recommended reason

It is suggested for small, medium, and multinational businesses that want to acquire offerings for exporting in the upcoming markets.


6. Guided Imports      

Guided Imports has solved the most recognized issues in the trade industry. Producing, building, and importing goods for e-commerce, sometimes, is delayed, complicated, costly, and offline.

The solutions this company provides enable the brands to perfectly shop without needing to manage anything themselves. This becomes simpler for the customers to plan, finance, and purchase without spending on assets overseas.

Guided Imports is a single provider in every aspect of functions in offshore production.

Since they fill the gaps, making it easier to access the advantages of overseas production.


Services overview

  • Product development
  • Sourcing agent
  • Supplier factory
  • Purchasing agent
  • Custom broker
  • International banking facilities
  • Quality management specialist
  • Delivery forwarder
  • Product validation
  • Sample consolidation
  • Products photography
  • Payment services
  • FBA preparation and bundling

Recommended reason

For all e-commerce businesses, Guided Import is a one-in-all solution.

Supplyia is a reliable, trustworthy China sourcing company. They support small businesses that find it hard to find suitable suppliers at a low cost and avoid all kinds of risks.

7. Supplyia                        

They have export and sourcing experience and become an expert in handling any issue since 2013It was founded to help people have a risk-free importing experience to get the best products from China.

They aim to eliminate the issues of handling inventories so that businesses can focus on growing.

7. Supplyia     

Service overview:

  • Products Niche
  • Labor Hiring
  • Deep products sourcing
  • One-stop amazon prep services
  • Custom packaging
  • Product photography

Recommended reason:

Supplyia sourcing is a deep network of 200+ trusted manufacturers in China.

They provide companies across the world with a trustworthy channel into China for their sourcing needs especially in jewelry, clothing, commodity catalog.



8. Linc Sourcing      

Linc Sourcing has been established in Europe, but its headquarters are located in Sweden.

Whereas, it has various offices in other countries of the world, for example, China, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, and Spain.They have a powerful residence in Europe.

Therefore, it is the best alternative for European enterprises that need a sourcing agent from China for their goods.

Also, they own a balanced network of over 100 standardized manufacturers from each and every industry. These potential suppliers are validated and reviewed by Linc Sourcing.

Linc Sourcing was established in 1995 by Lennart Rosell along with Jenny Anderson in Sweden.

Their goal is to offer European enterprises access to economical manufacturers from Asia.The agent’s main hub is supplying from China as 90% of the workers of Linc Sourcing work in its Shanghai office.


Services overview

  • Product source
  • Quality check
  • Logistics
  • Shipping
  • Negotiations

Moreover, they provide on-demand standard and quality checks to customers along with a committed sourcing team for every customer.

Recommended reason

Small along with medium enterprises in Europe that want a well-reputed partner from China.

9. Easy Imex 

Easy Imex is yet one other global outsourcing agent for medium along with large enterprises.

The owner of Easy Imex is Adam Gilbourne. He got birth in the United Kingdom but was brought up in Australia.Then, he migrated to China in the year 2004.

There, he founded Easy Imex in order to help Australians, United States, United Kingdom, and European enterprises for sourcing affordable goods from China.

The enterprise now works as a single desk import facilitator and provides a huge assortment of services.Further, it gives customers access to the online portals in which they can track the processes too.


Services overview

  • Product source
  • Buying and negotiating
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Quality check
  • Customs clearance
  • Factory auditing
  • Taxes duty

Recommended reason

Small and medium-sized businesses in Australia, Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom.

10. Ec4u Limited

EC4U limited sources and produces non-food consumption items. They have offices in Europe, and their operations are in Hong Kong and China as well.

They help in accelerating all the businesses they work with. Through manufactures in various areas, they set the base for sustainable savings.

Moreover, they provide improved quality by keeping up with the requirements of the customers. They claim to shorten the line between a supplier and a customer.

Also, they help in reducing operational costs and allow faster time for realizing the benefits.


Service overview

  • Product sourcing
  • Quality check
  • Selection of supplier

Recommended reason

EC4U limited is ideal for the brand owners along with the wholesalers.


DocShipper is an international disruptive startup specializing in logistics, sourcing and 3PL, with a business model that is exceptional worldwide. The group has set itself the mission of revolutionizing and digitizing a multi-billion dollar industry, with the

aim of putting the customer at the heart of priorities.

The sourcing services, are characterized by collaborating with a reliable supplier or manufacturer in order to fulfill the customer’s need.

DocShipper also focuses on supporting the customer throughout the purchasing process:supplier research, negotiation, quality control.

For international freight, DocShipper optimizes the logistic processes in order to maximize the results and the costs.

For its 3PL services, thanks to its distribution center based in Camporosso in northern Italy,DocShipper manages the inventory, order fulfillment and last mile delivery.

DOC Shipper logo 2 copy

Services overview

‚óŹ Sourcing services
‚óŹ Quality control services
‚óŹ Legal & Compliance
‚óŹ International Logistics
‚óŹ Third Part Logistics (3pl)

Recommended Reason

Thanks to its global presence, the expertise of its multilingual teams and its close relationships with logistics partners, DocShipper is now able to support its customersthroughout the supply chain process.

12. Keen Sourcing

Keensourcing is one of the finest sourcing agents in China. They have strong experience to help small enterprises locate a trustworthy supplier for product ideas.

Keen sourcing is committed to assisting overseas shoppers to source products from China.

The thing they are well-known for is they assure the finest quality, controlled compliance, and that too, at the most affordable cost.


Services overview

  • Product source
  • Negotiations
  • Manufacturer selection
  • Factory auditing
  • Product controlling and monitoring
  • Following-up on orders
  • Quality inspection
  • Logistical support

Recommended reason

Keen sourcing provide thorough services to small enterprises and Amazon sellers with personalized packaging, Amazon FBA shipments, Amazon labeling, etc.

13. FBA Sourcing China      

 FBA sourcing china is highly experienced when it comes to Amazon FBA. Also, they serve millions of Amazon sellers throughout the world.

They offer amazing services to their customers by giving them long-term enterprise prices. FBA Sourcing China is the best partner to work with, in China.

FBA Sourcing China specialize in personalized electronics along with accessories for the fitness and health industries.


Services overview

  • Product development and inspection
  • Labeling products
  • Printing facilities
  • Packaging
  • Storage warehousing
  • Product bundling
  • Poly-bagging
  • Supplier searching
  • Sample consolidation
  • Quality check

Recommended reason

For Amazon sellers, the FBA Sourcing China agent provides comprehensive services.

14. Maple Sourcing

Maple sourcing promises that the goods ordered by the clients are produced and delivered exactly on time in accordance with the expectations of the clients.

Maple sourcing have factory audits and quality control inspectors to make sure that the clients receive their orders to their required standards.

The best thing about them is that they never charge their customers for the supplier’s fee. Maple sourcing operations and processes are transparent. This makes certain that the clients do not just get the optimal services, but the best possible rates too.

They are well-known for using qualified and professional manufacturers.

They guarantee a 100% standard quality of the product. Maple sourcing believe in providing efficient communication and competitive prices to the customers.

Maple Sourcing

Services overview

  • Product source
  • Supplier validation
  • Negotiations
  • Ample consolidation
  • Sample development
  • Manufacturing control
  • Order monitor
  • Merchandize control
  • Scheduled follow-up
  • Quality control

Recommended reason

This is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized business.


15. China2west

From concepts and ideas to marketing, China 2 West is a single entry point for buyers and they offer services in supply chain management, manufacturing, quality assurance, and product development.

From the year 2005, China 2 West has accumulated an enormous databank containing information and data of processes.

They also own a widespread network of reputable suppliers in thousands of product categories.

They believe that their most important asset is their expertise and experience in a huge range of distinct products.

They have headquarters in China, where they provide competing and standard production facilities. That includes factory auditing, sourcing, and support in constructing a dependable logistics network for private keys.

They try to keep up with western standards regarding service, quality, and communication.


Services overview

  • Logistics network management
  • Design & development
  • On-the-spot quality check
  • Validation and factory auditing
  • Logistics preparation
  • Prototype solutions
  • Lab testing
  • Project management and factory administration
  • Tooling and model construction
  • Private keys production

Recommended reason

China 2 West serves Western businesses with their product production and quality control checks.




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